The Power of 100% Metal Paint Pigment: Seymour Blast Coatings

When metal powder is added to paint, the metallic finish not only looks like a solid casting; it forms a durable, glossy, reflective coating, and the pigment never fades. The hardest part: Choosing stainless steel, cast iron or aluminum!

A professional-grade coating that reproduces the original look of cast-iron parts. Cast Blast is perfect for water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more. It protects against rust, has a low sheen, and resists heat up to 250F continuous.

SKU: CA16-48, 16 oz can

Suggested Uses:
• Rebuilt cylinder heads
• Refinish a radiator
• Repair steel wheels
• Paint an intake manifold

A professional-grade coating that restores aluminum wheels and castings to their original luster. Formulated with acrylic resin for best adhesion and maximum durability. Resists corrosion and abrasion, VOC compliant, and does not yellow. Matches OEM color #0642.

SKU: CA16-55, 16 oz can

Suggested Uses:
• Restore aluminum rims
• Paint alternators
• Refinish intake manifold


A special formulation containing 316L stainless steel pigment to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil, and water. Dries to a satin finish. Recommended as a topcoat, not a primer. Use of a primer is always beneficial to enhance adhesion and overall durability. Dries quickly and is non-yellowing.

SKU: 16-54, 20 oz can

Suggested Uses:
• Protect metal
• Touch up appliances
• Paint metal structures
• Touch up welds


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