Proper Disassembly/Assembly of the DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Spray Gun - youtube

Heads Up: Never Soak Your Tekna in Solvent

Devilbiss says doing so will dry out the packings and remove lubrication

Download the full cleaning, troubleshooting & maintenance guide. Pick up a Devilbiss Pro Spray Gun Cleaning Kit, and be sure to watch Becca’s step-by-step on correctly disassembling your Tekna ProLite.

DeVilbiss Professional Spray Gun Cleaning Kit (SKU: 192212)

  • Contains six precision tools designed to effectively clean spray guns.
  • Can be easily hung in the gun cleaning area
  • For use with all spray guns
Six precision tools designed to effectively clean spray guns

• 1/2″ Brush
• 3/16″ End Brush
• Black-handled Brush
• Cleaning needles
• Pick tool
• Spray gun lube
• Cleaning instructions

See your local jobber for pricing


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