Get Tough, Maximum Adhesion with USC GRIP Filler

Formulated with a proprietary resin blend to provide maximum adhesion, sanding and performance. Z-TEK™ adhesion booster maximizes bonds to bare steel, galvanized metals and aluminum and Invisx™ micro-perfecting surface technology provides a smooth, pinhole-free finish. Additional features and benefits include ultra-smooth flow and excellent wetting, non-loading and fast-curing formula for reduced cycle time and sandpaper use.

Suggested Use(s)

Use to repair dents, dings, scratches and hail damage. Can be used on bare steel, galvanized metals and aluminum.

Mix Ratio

For a 4” diameter puddle of filler, add a ribbon of cream hardener from edge to edge (or 2% by weight of filler).

Part No. | Size | Units Per Case

17000.G01, Gallon, 4
17003.F03, 3-Gallon Mechanical Pail, N/A

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