Gerson with US Air Force One Detailing Team

Gerson ONE-STEP Is The US Air Force Detailing Team’s Choice

Gerson was recognized by the US Air Force One Detailing Team for providing respirator products for their efforts to keep them safe and healthy during their maintenance of the US government’s executive fleet.

ONE-STEP Disposable Half-Mask Respirator

  • Recommended for Paint Spray applications, including oil-based paints.
  • NIOSH OV/P95 approved for Organic Vapor plus Solid & Oil aerosols.
  • Includes Bonus Hygiene Guard & Shape Retainer insert.
  • Completely assembled & individually packed in resealable 4-color foil bags.
  • Best design, performance and comfort.
Gerson One-Step Respirator 8111

ONE-STEP Premium Features:

  • “P” Level non-degrading filter does not require change-out at end of every shift. Reduces use cost by 50-100%.
  • Full-softer elastomer nose bridge for superior wearing comfort.
  • Rugged, engineering-grade ABS plastic for frame and cartridges provide durability and trouble free use.

Gerson ONE-STEP Respirator Hygiene Guard

Hygiene Guard storage cap keeps ONE-STEP respirator clean and prevents damage to the facepiece storage.

SKU 8111 – Small, NIOSH-Approved OV/P95, 1/bag, 12/case
SKU 8211 – Medium, 1/bag, 12/case
SKU 8311 – Large, 1/bag, 12/case

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