From Primer to Spot Blend: Using the SprayMax UV Plastic Repair System

In this video, we demonstrate the whole SprayMax UV Plastic Repair System step by step to do it yourself. Recommended for professionals or semi-professionals.

The SprayMax UV Repair System contains UV aerosol products matched to one another to allow the user to repair paint damage very quickly. In particular, the extremely short UV drying times in combination with the immediate availability and applicability of the products make this express system interesting for many applications, also outside painting and/or drying cabins.

Especially in spot repairs this technology shows its full set of advantages. Easy to apply, flexible in space and place, fast in curing it outperformes standard proces-ses with standard coatings. No matter whether it is in an aerosol spray can or in a spray gun: UV performs fastest.

In comparison to a standard process (solvent or waterbased coatings, thermal cure) the UV System is up to 32 min quicker. (Size around 60 sq cm including blending zone)

  • Faster (curing, sanding, polishing)
  • Highly flexible in how and where to apply
  • Isocyanate-Free
  • Improving economies and capacities of your repair business
  • Good adhesion on Steel, Aluminium, GFK and other Plastics, Putty
  • High yield, strong filling, high built in multilayers
  • Short curing times ( 1-2 minutes), low energy costs
  • Ready to use, no mixing of components
  • Pot life potentially “endless“ (in absence of light), best before time 2 years

SKU: 680 019 – UV Filler
SKU: 680 290 – UV Cleaner
SKU: 680 059 – UV Clearcoat
SKU: 680 091 – UV Blender Thinner

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