EZ-Mix Eco-Friendly Mixing Pitchers

2.5 Quart Mixing Pitcher

Part # 42500

Quantity: 10/Box

Do you want to keep your vehicle looking good? A transparent and glossy coating might do the magic trick for you. To begin, you need to mix your paint components to get your desired shade. But this process isn’t as fun and colorful as the paint of your choice. You must put effort into getting an accurate measurement for your paint. This will help you achieve a smooth consistency and the right viscosity before its application.

Today, we have a pro tip to level up your mixing auto paint game, featuring our 2 1/2 Quart Mixing Pitcher—the recipe for perfectly balanced paint for your job. With our 2 1/2 Quart Mixing Pitcher, properly mixed car paint is a piece of cake. With the volume measurement on its side, proportion and precise ratio are possible. Say goodbye to the shabby finish work and say hello to expert-like auto paint. Plus, you can do it yourself without putting a dent in your finances.

Our 2 1/2 Quart Mixing Pitcher is designed to get larger-quantity paints mixed in a shorter amount of time. Another advantage of using a mixing pitcher is that you don’t have to throw it out after using it. You can clean them easily and use them again whenever you need them. Also, pouring and transferring your paint is much easier, thanks to its spout. No wonder our product is highly recommended by various companies in the USA. It’s durable, and you can trust mixing your paint is spot on.

4-Quart Mixing Pitcher

Part# 44000

Quantity: 6/Box

Painting can be quite tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Did you know you need to improve your math skills, even with painting? Fret not—the good news is that your job can be easy if you use the appropriate tools! Mixing paints repeatedly can be tiresome, but this is not true if you use mixing pitchers.

This awesome tool helps you to precisely measure the amount of thinner and color you need for your project. The 4 Quart Mixing Pitcher comes with a printed mixing ratio to guide you all throughout paint mixing. Undoubtedly, this will allow you to save time and focus more on the output of your craft. Just make sure to place your mixing pitcher on an even surface. You can now master the art of mixing in an instant.

Our 4 Quart Mixing Pitcher is highly advisable to use by a lot of paint companies. Its durability is outstanding compared to other mixing tools. One more great thing about our products is that they are reusable, which means it is an investment that you no longer have to replace after use. You can just simply clean it up, and it’s now ready to use for other paintwork. Therefore, this will reduce waste. Don’t worry about your carbon footprint because this product is eco-friendly.

It is available in various sizes, so you pick one that best suits your needs. E-Z Mix strives to deliver the best mixing tool for your project. Visit us on our website and grab a mixing pitcher today.

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