OPTEX™ Premium Body Filler and Putty by Evercoat®

OPTEX™ Premium Body Filler and Putty by Evercoat®. Changes colors from pink to green letting the body shop technician know when it’s ready to sand. “Green Means Go!”

Whether you’re repairing large or small dents, OPTEX takes the guesswork out of the application process, saving body shops time and money.

  • Spreads easy and virtually eliminates micro-pinholes
  • Uses traditional Evercoat cream hardener mixed at a 2% ratio
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass, and silicon bronze welds
  • Contains patented ECORESIN™ technology for superior sanding properties

Available in:
1 Gallon (#100135) Filler $94.04 Shop
3 Gallon pail (#100137) Filler*

16oz. Pouch (#100453) Putty*
30oz. Pumptainer (#100454) Putty $53.11 Shop

*See your local jobber for pricing


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