Dupli-Color Automotive Pro Primers

Dupli-Color’s wide range of Automotive Professional Primers meet today’s body shop needs. Tested to ensure reliable results for the special applications they are designed to cover. Makes surfacing and priming faster and easier.

Professional Filler Primer (Grey)
Provides a smooth, rust-resistant basecoat that improves adhesion and appearance of topcoats. The fast-drying, sandable formula features outstanding high build and feather edging. Ideal for use on metal, wood and fiberglass.
SKU: DPP104, 12 oz cans, 6/case

Weld-Through/Cold Galvanized Primer
Dupli-Color® Professional Weld-Through/Cold Galvanized Primer provides maximum corrosion resistance with a durable, zinc-rich coating that can be applied directly to dry metal or galvanized surfaces. Features outstanding feather edging.
SKU: DPP108, 12 oz cans, 6/case

Self-Etching Primer
Dupli-Color® Professional Self-Etching Primer etches and primes in one easy step. It features superior adhesion and is perfect for spot repairs. Can be used under all of today’s automotive finishes. Ideal for most plastic, fiberglass, bare steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
SKU: DPP101, 12 oz cans, 6/case

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