5 STAR Xtreme® High-Performance Masking Tape

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5 STAR XTREME’s High Performance (Yellow) Masking Tape is coated with a stain resistant pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive and is specially designed to stick firmly and securely to most surfaces with clean removal. Offers an excellent balance of quick stick, panel adhesion and holding properties.

SKU: #5071 High Performance Masking Tape (yellow) 3/4″ (18mm x 55m) 48rls/cs

SKU: #5073 High Performance Masking Tape (yellow) 11/2″ (36mm x 55m) 24rls/cs

SKU: #5074 High Performance Masking Tape (yellow) 2″ (48mm x 55m) 24rls/cs

  • High-Quality
  • Supports American Workers
  • Durable & Safe to Use
  • Economical for Every Shop

See your local jobber for pricing.



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