Dominion Sure Seal® Pro Undercoatings & Rustproofing

Fast Dry Paintable Black Rubberized Undercoating

Fast Dry Rubberized Undercoat (BUF)
Superior, fast dry paintable rubber undercoating that provides excellent abrasion protection, sound deadening and corrosion protection.
BUF 28.1 fl oz Can
BUF1 1-Gal Can
BUF5 5-Gal Pail

Ultimate Rust Preventive Coating

Ultimate Rust Preventative Coating (DOM)
Kills rust and permanently seals out moisture & corrosion.
DOM16Q 1-Qt Can

Super Protector Paintable Rubberized Undercoat

OEM Rubberized Undercoat Super Protector (BUR)
Hi Build rubber undercoating & rocker panel coating. Abrasion & chip protection, sound deadening, & corrosion resistance.
BUR 28.1 fl oz
BUR1 1-Gal Can
BUR5 5-Gal Pail

Shutz Siphon Gun for Undercoating

Shutz Siphon Gun for Undercoating (BUPAPL)
For use applying Gator Guard, Undercoatings, Gravel Guard etc.

Black Rubberized Undercoat (SUR)

Black Rubberized Undercoat (SUR)
A rubber enhanced asphaltic undercoating that remains flexible when dry to resist chipping. High build, excellent chip protection and sound deadening, remains flexible but not tacky like SUP20. Not paintable.
SUR 19.4 fl oz

See your local jobber for pricing.


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