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Dominion Sure Seal has been a valued Autobody Source partner for 20+ years!

Entrepreneur and automotive industry pioneer Ronald B. Morton (pictured above) founded Dominion Sure Seal Limited as an automotive plastic repair and bedliner product business in 1972. He expanded his respected brand globally in 1990 and today his 50-year legacy thrives through its range of protective undercoatings, paints, plastic repair, sealants, anti-corrosion materials, liquid bedliners, adhesives, tapes, and specialty chemicals. His sons, Greg and Derek Morton (pictured below) continue to carry on his legacy and strong, ethical business practices.

Derek and Greg Morton
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Did you know?

Dominion Sure Seal Ltd Gator Gaurd II Liquid Bedliner
Classic Can of Gator Gaurd II

Ron Morton’s earliest innovations include creating the first OEM-approved plastic repair line and developing the first-ever spray-in liquid bedliner in 1996. He also served as past Chairman of I-CAR International.

Need to remove a bedliner or strip a ’71 Firebird twin-snorkel air cleaner?
Industrial Strength Paint Stripper Aerosol

They’ve got that covered too. Skip the sandblasting with Dominion’s Industrial Strength Paint Stripper Aerosol (SSO24033). It is a fast-acting paint stripper designed for convenience to remove paint from metal. Dominion Sure Seal Sure Strip™ High Strength Paint & Coating Stripper in gallons (BPS11003) will even dissolve hard coatings such as sprayable bedliners.

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See how today’s spray-in bedliner product protects a full-size truck bed in just two hours. Simply mix, shake and shoot.

See your local jobber for pricing and availability of quality Dominion Sure Seal products.

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