Dominion Sure Seal 3 in 1 Primer Aerosol

The top choice for DIY paint repairs at home or at automotive professional repair shops for more than 40 years. For ease of use, available in 3 colours, can be used over metal, aluminum, SMC, Works great over body filler and other sanded areas prior to painting. Sandable in as little as 15 minutes and paintable in as little 30 minutes means you will be back on the road looking good in less time.

SAPB/24025 3-IN-1 Primer Black 16 oz
SAPG/24023 3-IN-1 Primer Grey 16 oz
SAPW/24028 3-IN-1 Primer White 16 oz

One-Step Self-Etching Primer Aerosol
One Step is a high build, easy to use self etch primer that provides excellent adhesion for additional top coats, primers and sealers to metal. Compatible with all primer surfacers for spot repair and refinishing. Apply to steel, aluminum and most metals.

SEP/24008 Grey 15 oz (12/case)
SEP1/24009 Black 15 oz (12/case)


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