Devilbiss SNAP N FLOW: Increase Efficiency With This Disposable 1 Cup System

Using the Devilbiss SNAP N FLOW™ disposable cup system makes automotive refinishing jobs easier, faster, and more efficient. Simply mix, connect, and spray.

The system provides shops and painters many benefits, including:
• Requires fewer steps
• Improves color matching
• Minimizes paint usage
• Creates less mess and quicker cleanup
• Provides easy paint storage options
• Offers greater savings on materials and time

The simplified design of the SNAP N FLOW™ system allows painters to measure, mix, spray and store … all in the same mix cup — providing significant savings in paint … and time. The specially designed lids snap on the cup. In a snap, you’re ready to spray.

This innovative system creates a constant flow of paint from the cup through the gun. Unrestricted consistent fluid flow gives you the best color matching and more control over your jobs.

Measure, mix, spray and store … all in the same mix cup
Mix in standard sized mix cup
MIX: Mix in standard-sized mix cup
Snap the lid on the cup
CONNECT: Snap the lid on the cup
Start spraying
SPRAY: Start spraying

Devilbiss SNAP N FLOW Provides a more intuitive, familiar method of mixing and spraying paint

SNAP N FLOW™ significantly reduces the number of components (and steps) needed to complete a job.

Contact your jobber about which SNAP N FLOW™ products are right for you.

Download: How-To Guide

DescriptionModel Number
Demo Kits
125 Micron Demo KitSNF-601
200 Micron Demo KitSNF-602
Small Jobs
15 oz. Disposable Mixing Cup (100)SNF-15-K100
15 oz. 125 Micron Lid (48)SNF-431-K48
15 oz. 200 Micron Lid (48)SNF-432-K48
15 oz. Flat Storage Lid (50)SNF-22-K50
Large Jobs
32 oz. Disposable Mixing Cup (100)SNF-32-K100
32 oz. 125 Micron Lid (48)SNF-421-K48
32 oz. 200 Micron Lid (48)SNF-422-K48
32 oz. Flat Storage Lid (50)SNF-8-K50
Plugs (8)SNF-9-K8
Shaker Ring KitSNF-21-K2
DeVilbiss®, Binks®, SharpeSNF-43
DeVilbiss® SRI, Binks® CubSNF-23
FinishLine® G2, G3, G4SNF-31
StartingLine®, Sharpe FinexSNF-81
Accuspray 2.0 Disposable HeadSNF-87
Accuspray DispHdSNF-85
Iwata SuperNova, W300SNF-78
Sata Full QCC and ThreadedSNF-504
Sata Minis QCC and ThreadedSNF-502
Sata NR2000 & RPSNF-10
Sata NR95, IwataSNF-11

See your local jobber for pricing.


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