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New Contest: Give us a Follow to Win Cool Slapz!

It’s about time for a GIVEAWAY! Our friend Giuseppe’s Garage is coming up on 5,000 Instagram followers! If you don’t know him, he’s a 9 year old who’s shaping the next generation of gearheads.

Go score a set of his awesome sticker slapz for you and a friend! The rules are simple:

Giuseppe is a nine year old content creator and extreme gearhead! His parents own a collision repair facility, therefore allowing him to further explore his love for automobiles. Giuseppe is on a mission to help shape the next generation of gearheads. Automotive techs are soon to be in high demand in the upcoming future. Giuseppe is hoping to close that gap by trying to engage the younger generation. Giuseppe is able to accomplish this by showcasing products through pictures, short clips, and full YouTube videos. Giuseppe has been working with multiple companies such as ZF, TRW, Sachs, Eastwood, LiquiMoly, Peak, Capri Tools and even Speed and Kulture Magazine, to name a few.

Giuseppe was invited this year to attend SEMA 2020 and AAPEX 2020 by ZF to help run some of the Tech Trainings with their team. He is also in talks with upcoming podcasters, as well as other Automotive Tech editors. He looks forward to working with other companies who are interested in investing in the youth, and promoting the future for the Automotive industry.


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