CNET: Jessi Combs posthumously earns women’s land speed Guinness World Records title

Following her fatal crash last year, Combs’ “fastest woman on four wheels” reputation gets official recognition.

We lost racer, fabricator and television personality Jessi Combs last August, after she crashed her jet-powered land-speed-record car in the Alvord Desert in Oregon. Combs was attempting to set a new women’s land speed record, and this week, Guinness World Records officially entered her time into history.

According to Jalopnik, Combs completed the Guinness-required two-run minimum at Alvord, hitting a top speeds of 515.346 miles per hour and 548.432 mph. Her official speed was entered into the records as 522.783 mph, though it’s unclear how Guinness decided on that average.

Credit: Steven Ewing, CNET Road Show

Photo: North American Eagle


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