Chevy Montage – All Female Built Resto Mod – Highlights

The Chevy Montage was an all Female truck build conceived of by Bogi as a way to bring together women working in the automotive trades and also to invite more women to explore the trades as either a career or a hobby.

Once word got out about the build – the response was HUGE. Over the course of 10 month 90 women from 24 different states gathered to work, connect, share their knowledge and learn as they performed a complete restoration of the 1957 Chevy Pick-up truck. 30% of the ladies involved had never worked on cars before, and there were even 2 eight year old ladies who lent a hand.

In the end – this truck was about so much more than just building a truck. It was about connection and community. It was about starting a conversation about women in the trades. It was about validating women everywhere who work day in and an day out building, fixing and making things – often feeling isolated and like an “only” because, as many of us as there are, women still make up only a very small percentage of tradespeople.

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