Automotive Body Panel Sanding & Paint Prep with Norton Abrasives

Watch Dennis, automotive training manager, walk through the step by step process of body panel sanding and paint prep using Norton Abrasives.

Best-sellers: Norton SuperFlexible Film Discs and Sheets

SuperFlexible Hook & Loop Cut Sheets (6-11/16″ x 5-1/8″ – Perforated)
SKU: 90555 1500-Grit, 25-count, Rose (100/cs)
SKU: 90554 1200-Grit, 25-count, Amber (100/cs)
SKU: 90552 800-Grit, 25-count, Citrine (100/cs)
SKU: 90551 600-Grit, 25-count, Turquoise (100/cs)
SKU: 90550 400-Grit, 25-count, Sapphire (100/cs)

SuperFlexible Hook & Loop Disc 6″
SKU: 90559 3000-Grit, 25-count, Meteorite (100/cs)
SKU: 90558 2500-Grit, 25-count, Aquamarine (100/cs)
SKU: 90557 2000-Grit, 2-count, Jade (100/cs)
SKU: 90556 1500-Grit, 25-count, Rose (100/cs)

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