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Alcohol Solution a Car’s Best Defense Against Viruses: Report

Here’s a summary of COVID-19 car sanitation tips from Consumer Reports:

  • If you or someone else who has been in your car shows symptoms of the illness, you should clean frequently touched surfaces, including the steering wheel, door handles, shift lever, any buttons or touch screens, wiper and turn signal stalks, passenger and driver door armrests, grab handles, and seat adjusters.
  • Alcohol solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol are effective against coronavirus, according to the CDC. For the most part, nearly every interior surface of a vehicle can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Whatever you do, don’t use bleach or hydrogen peroxide on the inside of your car. And do not use ammonia-based cleaners on car touch screens.
  • Soap and water are also safe for most car interiors, especially fabrics and older leather that may have begun to crack. Just be sure not to scrub too hard.
  • Katzkin Interiors recommends simple Ivory soap and water to clean spots and spills on leather-trimmed interiors.
  • Don’t clean fabric upholstery with too much water or too much soap, or soak through the fabric down to the cushion beneath.
  • Use a microfiber cloth. Dirt and debris in your car can stick to even the cleanest paper towels or napkins and scratch surfaces.
  • Once you’re finished cleaning, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after driving.

Be sure to read the full article here.


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