AIRCRAFT ULTRA Paint Remover: Save Time and Money

AIRCRAFT ULTRA Paint Remover brings the WOW! back to paint removal

AIRCRAFT ULTRA’s new patent-pending formula introduces new technology that is stronger and faster than the leading competitors. Get the shop back to saving time and money with this ULTRA Fast, ULTRA Powerful paint remover!

  • Strips to bare metal in 30 minutes or less, with most coatings popping in an average of 15-20 minutes
  • Visible lifting action
  • Designed specifically to remove 2K coatings
  • For use on metal, plastic, fiberglass, flexible & rigid plastics
  • Not for sale in CA, CO, CT, DE, MD, NH, RI, and UT (continue to use AR2000 Paint Remover in these areas)

Aircraft Ultra Paint Remover Gallon

SKU: GAR4000 Gallon
SKU: QAR4000 Quart

Directions for Use

Carefully read the entire product label and precautions on the SDS prior to use. Protect hands with solvent-resistant gloves and eyes with chemical splash goggles.

  1. Mask seams and trim openings. This will prevent bleed-back stripping of the new finish.
  2. Sand the surface prior to application with 80 to 180 grit.
  3. Shake Well.
  4. Pour on a thick coat and use a chemical-resistant spreader to move over the surface. Do not brush on thinly. Apply to one section at a time, up to 3 ft. x 3 ft. Note: Always apply a generous amount of remover. Thickly daubing remover onto the surface, rather than brushing, provides better coverage. Thin coats can dry too quickly for the remover to work effectively.
  5. Allow the remover to work until the finish is blistered or softened completely, generally within 30 minutes. Some coatings may require up to 2 hours. If the coating has not begun to lift after 30 minutes, reapply another layer of remover. Note: To speed up removal time, and minimize evaporation, place plastic sheeting over wet remover.
  6. If applied to a plastic surface, check every 10 minutes. Remover left on some types of plastic for an extended period of time can cause damage.
  7. Remove paint with a flexible plastic scraper, then rinse with water or mineral spirits to remove any residue. Prime metal as soon as possible to prevent flash rust. Allow plastic and fiberglass to dry 12 hours.

See your local jobber for pricing, and ask how you can receive a FREE can of Aircraft Decal and Adhesive Remover with the purchase of every gallon of AIRCRAFT® ULTRA Paint Remover today.*

Aircraft® Decal & Adhesive Remover

Lifts decals and adhesive residue from automotive finishes, glass, chrome, or metal bumpers. VOC Compliant in all 50 states.

SKU: EAD909 15oz. Aerosol

See also this brief timelapse of how AIRCRAFT ULTRA Paint Remover performed against a competitor.

*Product availability for free good subject to change.


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