New! Zero Rust Topcoat Aerosols

Gemini Industries is pleased to announce an exciting new member of The Zero Rust family! The new Zero Rust Topcoat is designed to give you that desired look you’ve come to expect, now compatible with Zero Rust primers for supreme rust protection. Available in 6 popular colors in aerosol cans only, the product is VOC compliant in all 50 states and is very easy to apply!

The greatest advantage of rust inhibitor paint is that it can save you a lot of money in repairs, patch up jobs, and replacements. Rust is a major hassle to deal with; it stains and creates an unpleasant appearance, while at the same time, it compromises the structural integrity of steel components.

SKU: AZRT-02 Black Gloss, 12 oz.
SKU: AZRT-01 Black Satin, 12 oz.
SKU: AZRT-03 Cat Yellow, 12 oz.
SKU: AZRT-04 Safety Yellow, 12 oz.
SKU: AZRT-05 Safety Red, 12 oz.
SKU: AZRT-06 White Gloss, 12 oz.

Zero Rust Topcoat Aerosols are slated to be available at our Jobber stores by Oct 31, 2020.

Zero Rust® Topcoat as supplied has a V.O.C. of 340 grams/liter.

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