Add Bulk Paint to Spray Cans With No Clean-Up • Seymour™ SprayMatch

Avoid messy prep and cleanup with Seymour’s Z-2501 aerosol paint can filling system. The SprayMatch™ System can customize most enamel, lacquer, vinyl & acrylic paints for the atomization of a spray gun in the convenience of a can. Watch how to set it up.

Z-2501 uses compressed air to fill pre-charged cans. The unique cap lets you avoid messy prep and cleanup while leaving you with the actual color inside the cap for easy reference.

These are the cans you’ll need:

SKU: 16-3393 Water Blend Fill Can 16 oz
SKU: 16-3395 Solvent Blend Fill Can 16 oz
SKU: 16-4390 Ultra Max Universal Solvent Coating, High Viscosity Paints 16 oz
SKU: 16-4391 Ultra Max Universal Solvent Coating, Low Viscosity Paints 16 oz

Contact your local jobber for pricing and Z-2501 details.


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