January/February 2019 Issue

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The Autobody Source is published by International Autobody Marketing Group (IAMG).

The Autobody Source is a bi-monthly publication designed to get product information and promotions directly to the shop and the end-user customer. The Autobody Source is a registered trademark of IAMG. To find the jobber nearest to you where you can purchase items advertised in this issue click the Find Nearest Jobber link or call 1-800-258-8440.

Special prices limited to supplies on hand. Some products may not be available at all locations. Not responsible for errors in price or description. Some products may not be exactly as shown. When a product is not available products of equal or greater value may be substituted.

“Generally, the chemical products and spray equipment shown in this publication are compliant with most Air Quality Management requirements. Users are ultimately responsible for determining applicable regulatory requirements. Consult with a local regulatory agency for allowable usage conditions and disposal methods. These products are intended for professional use only.”

The Autobody Source

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