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3 Dual-Mix Categories to Help You Replicate Perfect OE Seam Seal Beads

What are Dual-Mix Cartridges?

Specific to SEM Products by name, Dual-Mix cartridges are a line of 2K (or two-component) products that have a wide variety of time and money-saving application uses. A 2K product may also be called a two-component or two-part product because there are two materials that need to be mixed together to produce the final product. In the case of SEM’s line of Dual-Mix cartridges, two reactive materials are kept in two cylindrical plastic containers, each of which stores one of the reactive components. The compartments are isolated so there is no cross-contamination of materials and can be made from a variety of plastics.

When the cartridge is ready to be used for its specific application purpose, it will need to be placed into a dispensing gun in order to equally push out both materials, proportionately mixing them together and beginning the chemical reaction process.

SEM Products Dual-Mix 2K Seam Sealers

Why Should I Use Dual-Mix Cartridges?

Simply put, savings and convenience. These products have been developed to provide today’s modern body shop with solutions that decrease working time and increase throughput. They not only save time but also materials, and allows a shop to increase revenue by completing a higher number of vehicles per day.

So, what are SEM’s 3 Dual-Mix 2K Seam Sealer categories that will help me duplicate OE beads?

  1. Self-Leveling
  2. Medium Bodied
  3. Heavy Bodied


These seam sealers are characterized by a specially designed viscosity that allows them to flow out more than other seam sealers. This means that they are more liquid/runny and will therefore level out until they have stopped running or flowing (a.k.a. self-leveling). They are ideal for use on drip rails and are offered in high-build or standard options.

Pro Tip: Use a heat gun on light heat to remove any bubbles produced during application.

Medium Bodied

The Medium Bodied Dual-Mix Seam Sealers are characterized by a thicker viscosity than the self-leveling option and hold a bead shape, while still allowing enough flow for soft edges. They are great for use on hem flanges, and areas of a car where seams are usually painted. Featuring direct-to-metal (DTM) capability and can be painted immediately with most solvent-based paint systems. Available in gray or beige.

Pro Tip: All Medium Bodied Seam Sealers include a FREE SHFT™ Hem Flange Tip for duplicating the OE hem flange commonly found on doors, hoods, and deck lids. Bead style can be varied by adjusting angle and speed.

Heavy Bodied

These Dual-Mix Seam Sealers have the thickest viscosity with minimal flow allowing the bead to hold tooling marks. They are ideal for use on trunk pans, under the hood, and in areas that are usually not painted. Although, like the Medium Bodied products, they too have DTM capability and can be painted immediately. Available in all four original equipment manufacturer (OEM) colors, gray, beige, black, and white.

Pro Tip: All Heavy Bodied Seam Sealers include a FREE ORBiT™ OE Ripple Bead Installation Tip for duplicating the OE ripple bead. Bead style can be varied by adjusting angle and speed.

All Dual-Mix seam sealers are OEM recommended and covered under the Dual-Mix Forever Warranty.

Ask your local jobber about SEM’s full line of Dual-Mix cartridge products.

Want to Learn More?

Watch this training application video for step-by-step instructions on how to create OE beads using the above seam sealers.

Check out the Dual-Mix Catalog for more information on the full line of SEM’s Dual-Mix cartridge products.


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