25 Years of SprayMax Technology

25 Years of SprayMax Technology

How the spray can conquered the painting industry

The year 1998 set a milestone in the history of Peter Kwasny GmbH. After successful years as a manufacturer of spray paint cans for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, the company succeeded in developing a can technology that could rival a professional spray gun in its spraying and application behavior. The SprayMax brand was born and with it an efficient solution for repair work in the paint store and in industry. Today, with a wide range of products, the brand is a technological leader and internationally successful.

The can as an economical alternative

Early on, entrepreneur and paint spray pioneer Peter Kwasny recognized the advantages of the handy and efficient can when it came to minor damage or rework, where using a spray gun is often expensive, cumbersome and ultimately uneconomical. However, the technical challenges were tough: fine atomization, good covering properties and, above all, constant spraying behavior until the can was emptied were the goals. Intensive research and development work followed until finally, with SprayMax, a new technology could be presented. At last, original paints could be applied more easily and flexibly than ever before, and many users, who were skeptical at first, were surprised by the quality. Since SprayMax only used paints from well-known brand manufacturers, the results were indistinguishable.

SprayMax soon convinced not only the body & paint stores, but also found its way into the industry. Today, numerous manufacturers from the automotive industry and other fields use the unique SprayMax technology for their applications and products.

The first SprayMax can

SprayMax reloaded with varnish and hardener

The demand for 2-component lacquer then quickly developed, which once again presented the Kwasny developers with a major task. The task was to develop a can geometry that combines the lacquer and hardener ready for use in one product. The result was the 2K chamber system, which separates the components from one another and only allows them to react through a sophisticated triggering process. The now trademark “red button” that released the separating seals was invented and patented in 2000. The product stability and thus the processing time of the activated 2K can are significantly improved compared to the liquid paint used, so that stress-free application is possible.

Into the can, ready, go

In order to meet the wishes and requirements of paint shops and workshops even better and to make working with SprayMax cans even more flexible, a filling system has been established in the form of FillClean, which further shortens the procurement process and preparation times. The cans, which are prefilled with coating ingredients, have been developed in such a way that only the respective basecoat needs to be mixed out and refilled. This means that a suitable quantity is available for painting at short notice, without the need for cumbersome retooling or cleaning of equipment.

Today, a SprayMax range is available that covers all products and work steps involved in repairing damage to paint and other painted automotive surfaces, so the user can work in a consistent, safe system. All the energy is already in the can, there is no need for any other power or heat consuming tools.

Export hit SprayMax: Back to the roots

And as the irony of history would have it: While Peter Kwasny brought the idea for the production of spray paint cans from North America to Gundelsheim on the Neckar 60 years ago, the company is now exporting cans back across the pond with resounding success. Peter Kwasny GmbH, now in the 2nd generation of family ownership, stands for these and many other brands and enjoys an excellent reputation, especially in the USA and Canada, due to the market success and popularity of SprayMax.

25 years are just the beginning

To mark the 25th anniversary, we are now honoring the tireless idea man and company founder Peter Kwasny with a SprayMax special series. The top-selling products of the “Edition PK” are presented in the popular 500 ml size, with 25% more content with a corresponding price advantage.

But 25 years is only the occasion for a gratifying interim conclusion. We have ambitious plans for the future of SprayMax: Modern coating systems are to be integrated and application performance improved even further. In view of the sustainability and environmental strategy to which we have committed ourselves holistically, all the components that make up SprayMax are being optimized for ecological improvements: the coating, the input materials and the recyclability of the materials used for the aerosol can, as well as production, transport and storage.

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Written by Peter Kwasny GmbH, Germany. © 2023. Visit the SprayMax website.

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