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$1.7M BHAD Scholarship Launches Exclusively for Trade Students

Influencer, musician & businesswoman “Bhad Bhabie” pledges scholarships, grants, and start-up capital to qualified vo-tech grads.

What’s Up:

The rapper, songwriter, and internet personality Danielle Bregoli, known professionally as Bhad Bhabie, has partnered with Educapital Foundation to create the “Bhad Scholarship” Award. This $1.7M scholarship will help 1,000 students to enroll in technical and trade schools nationwide in addition to providing post graduate entrepreneurial grants and full ride scholarships. Recipients can pursue careers in various in-demand trades.

Influencer, musician & business woman Danielle Bregoli, known professionally as “Bhad Bhabie”, pledges scholarships, grants, and start-up capital to vo-tech grads.

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In partnership with the Educapital Foundation, each “Bhad Scholarship” recipient will receive $1,000 towards their trade school education and 50 graduates will receive $10,000 in start-up capital to help launch their own businesses upon graduation. Additionally, Bhad Bhabie will handpick graduates to receive full-ride scholarships from a $200,000 fund.

“While developing this scholarship program, it was great collaborating with Educapital’s Aisha Rodriguez & Dr. Brenita Mitchell, both amazing women giving amazing opportunities to the next generation of entrepreneurs,” said Bhad Bhabie. “We didn’t want to just give out tuition funds but also help the grads with startup capital to launch their own businesses. I can’t wait to see what these young hustlers do.”

“We are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Bhad Bhabie that allows us to continue our mission to eliminate poverty through trade school education,” said Dr. Brenita Mitchell, Founder of Educapital Foundation. “I have seen firsthand the role education plays in opening doors to building wealth and creating successful career opportunities. By removing financial barriers, the ‘Bhad Scholarship’, will help students spend more time focusing on their studies, and help them achieve their lifelong dreams.”

For many young entrepreneurs, the American dream has changed. A 2022 CNBC report found that “about 60% of teenagers are more interested in someday starting their own business instead of working a traditional job, according to a March 1 survey from Junior Achievement USA.” The online poll of 1,000 teens aged 13 to 17 was conducted by Wakefield Research.

The “Bhad Scholarship” has open enrollment and applications are being accepted via the website Applicants must be at least 14 years or older to apply.

The BHAD Scholarship Award was created in partnership with Educapital Foundation, which prides itself on being the “only national foundation to focus its efforts on trade school education for the country’s most underserved, impoverished students” to pursue entrepreneurship or further education.

— Educapital Foundation

Bhad Scholarship collision repair trainee

How does the Bhad scholarship work?

The scholarship pays $1,000 towards your trade school education. You will be matched with a school based on the program you select, tuition financing you prefer, and program availability.

How Do I Apply for the $10K Business Start-up Grant or the Full-Ride?

If you meet the academic requirements upon graduation, you will receive an invitation code. For more information, please visit

What if I’m Already Enrolled in School?

The scholarship award is for new students only.

What kinds of schools do you partner with?

Bhad Scholarships partners with nationally accredited and vetted schools in the U.S., including Berkeley College, CUNY, Rutgers University and more.

Am I responsible for the tuition balance?

Yes, you are responsible for your tuition balance. Most schools offer financial aid, including monthly payment plans

Who Do I Contact for Additional Questions?

For any additional questions, please contact Michelle Miller at Educapital Foundation [email protected].

Enroll now at
Enroll now at
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